Player Characters


3rd Level Rogue

Background Story

Dice was born to aristocracy and while still a youth was trained in many gentlemanly arts such as fencing, gymnastics and ballroom dancing. He was rebellious however and constantly getting into trouble in local brothels. During one such encounter, he was slashed across the bridge of his nose and now bears a nasty scar. Currently disowned from his family, he makes his way as a cutpurse and a scalawag in an attempt to resume his status and former wealth.


3rd Level Fighter

Background Story

Hans was captain of the football team.


3rd Level Cleric of Pelor

Background Story

Richard entered the local sect of Pelor in search of help for his ailing cousin <can't remember name> who lives in a nearby town of Ironcove. The local sect has been unable to cure his cousin so Richard is questing to find some way to cure him. He heard rumors of the magical apple's curative powers and hopes he has found a cure at last.


2nd Level Bard

Background Story

Osric's father was a street performer and taught him all his tricks. Looking for more from life, Osric is building upon his skills and looking for adventure.


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